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A registration request for the domain name(s) you ordered has been submitted. You will receive a separate domain confirmation email with additional details and helpful information on how to modify name servers, change renewal options, set up forwarding and more. When your domain is active, you may log in to your account to manage your domain.
You will receive an email confirming the administrative contact's email address and the domain name associated with your transfer request. If the email address is incorrect, you must contact your current registrar to have it updated and then restart the transfer process. A transfer request will be sent to the administrative contact. You may check the status of your transfer at any time, and you will receive email notification when the transfer is completed.
To set up your Domains By Proxy account, you will need to log in to the Domains By Proxy Web site with a unique user ID, which will be automatically generated and provided to you in a separate email. You will log in with the password you created for your Go Daddy customer account. Then, select an email preference and update your registrant, technical, administrative, and billing contact information.
To set up your Business Registration account, go to the "Business Registration" page in the Account Manager and click "Manage Account." This launches the Business Registration control panel. Click the "Business Information" tab and enter your business' details. Click "Save."
To monitor domain names, log in to the DomainAlert Monitoring page in the Account Manager and set up the domains you want to monitor; DomainAlert will do the rest, notifying you if any of the following change: registrar, status, expiration date, and name servers.
To view the list of expiring domain names, go to the Expiring Names List page and search for an expired Domain name or click on "Show All Names." If you're interested in registering any of the soon-to-be available domain names on the list, you can backorder it at special domain registration rates.
If you've already selected the domain name you wish to backorder, there's nothing more for you to do. If you purchased backordering credits and have not selected a domain name to backorder, log in to your account to select your domain. Once a backorder is set up, DomainAlert will notify you of any changes to the registrar, status, expiration date, name servers, and if we succeed in capturing the domain for you.
To set up your email account, log in to your account and go to the "Manage Email Accounts" page. Note: You must have a domain name in order to set up an email account. To access your Web-based email, go to and log in with your username (which is your email address, for example, and password.
To set up SMTP Relay for new email accounts, select the "Activate Mail Relaying" option during the setup process. For existing email accounts, go to the "Manage Email Accounts" page and click the "Activate Mail Relaying" link next to the email account you wish to setup. Complete the SMTP setup for that account.
It may take up to 24 hours for the Fax Thru Email credit to appear in your account. To set up your Fax Thru Email account, log in to the Account Manager and select "Fax Thru Email" from the "Hosting & Email" drop-down list. The Fax Thru Email Service Agreement opens in a new window. Accept the User Agreement and click "Save." In the Fax Thru Email interface, under "Account Credentials" enter your account set up information, including your sign in name, account password, the account owner's name, an account name, and contact email address.
To set up additional Fax Thru Email 100-Minute Packs, you must log in to your account and activate your minutes.
To set up your Online Group Calendar account, go to the "Hosting & Email" page, select "Online Group Calendar" and click "Set up Account." In the Email Address field, type the email address you want to use with Online Group Calendar. Click "Send Invitation." From the email address you send the invitation to, open the invitation and follow the instructions.
To set up your hosting account, log in to your Account Manager. Then, under the "Hosting & Email" section, select "Hosting Account List," and click "Set Up Account" next to the hosting account you want to set up. Next, select the domain name you want to use for your hosting account, then create a User ID and Password, and click "Continue." Finally, if the settings for your hosting account look correct, click "Submit."
Having a dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) means each Web hosting account has a unique address, not shared by any other accounts on the same server.
To apply a Dedicated Hosting IP to your account:
  1. Select "Settings" for the hosting account you want to modify.
  2. In the "Dedicated Hosting IP" section, click "Install Dedicated Hosting IP." If you do not have available credits, you can click the "Add a Dedicated Hosting IP to this account" link, or go to the Web Site Hosting section of our site.
  3. Select the Dedicated Hosting IP credit you want to use.
Click "Yes" to install the Dedicated Hosting IP.

While the Dedicated Hosting IP is being applied, it is important that you do not modify the contents of your Web site. Because the account is being moved to a dedicated IP address, we will be modifying the DNS for your site. The DNS change may take from 4-8 hours for .COM and .NET domains and from 24-48 hours for all other domain extensions. While DNS is updating, your site will still be reachable.
To install WebSite Complete from a version you downloaded, double-click setup from the file you saved during the download process (file name will be similar to "wsc5de_setup.exe"). If you experience problems downloading the software, log in to "My Downloads" in your account and select the download icon next to WebSite Complete. To install WebSite Complete from the CD, insert the CD-ROM and installation should start automatically.
To build your Web site with WebSite Tonight, log in to your Account Manager and select "WebSite Tonight Accounts" from the "Web Sites" menu. Click "Set Up Account" next to the WebSite Tonight account you want to set up. In the Hosting Manager, accept the End User License Agreement, select the domain name you want to use for your WebSite Tonight account, create a user ID and password and click "Continue," then click "Submit."
To set up the optional free email account you get with your WebSite Tonight hosting, select "Email Accounts" from the "Hosting and Email" menu. Click "Manage Free Accounts," and click "Set Up Account" next to the "Email Account – Free" listing in the Email Account list. Fill in the required information, making sure to select the domain name you entered for your WebSite Tonight account from the drop-down list, and click "Save Settings." You can then return to the Account Manager and click "Build Site" next to the account you set up on the WebSite Tonight Accounts page.
To create a Starter or For Sale Web page, log in to your account and go to the "Manage Web Sites" page. Then click "Setup Starter Web Page" or "Setup Domain For Sale Page" and follow the instructions.
To access/manage your free hosting account, website builder and templates, you will first need to select "WebSite Tonight" under "Web Sites" from within your Account Manager. Click "Set up Account" next to the account you wish to create. Next, in the Hosting Manager, accept the End User License Agreement, select the domain name you want to use for your site builder, create a user ID and password, click "Continue" and then "Submit."
To access/manage your free ad-supported blog account, from the Hosting & Email menu, click "Blog Accounts". Click the "Use Credit" hyperlink, and then select your domain name from the list and click "Continue." Next, click the "Setup Account" link and accept the End User License Agreement. In the Welcome to Quick Blog Setup window, click "Start Now," and then complete the fields as necessary.
To add Traffic Facts to an existing hosting account, log in to your Account Manager. Under the "Hosting & Email" section, select "Hosting Account List," then click on the name of the hosting account you want to upgrade. In the "Hosting Account Details" section on the right, select "Apply Traffic Facts to This Account." Please allow 24-48 hours for the hosting account to update. You can view your Web site's statistics online by clicking the "Launch Traffic Facts" icon under the Web Statistics section of your Hosting Manager.
To begin building your online store, log in to the Account Manager and select "Quick Shopping Cart" from the "Web Sites" drop-down menu. Next to the Quick Shopping Cart Account that you want to set up, click "Open." Note: Only the plans for which you have available credit will appear in your account list. In the Quick Shopping Cart application, select "Dedicated Domain" or "Sub-Domain," enter your domain name, and then click "Submit."

You can access the application from the Account Manager by selecting from the list of available Quick Shopping Cart accounts. To access the application without using the Account Manager, create a Site Administrator account, for yourself or others, in the Quick Shopping Cart by selecting "Add New Member" under the "Members" menu.

Log in to manage Quick Shopping Cart and find out how to receive your two FREE issues of Practical eCommerce™ magazine!

Deluxe & Premium Plans:
To set up your QuickBooks Merchant Service merchant account, you must first apply for a merchant account. To do so, in the Account Manager, select "Manage Merchant Accounts" from the "Other Stuff" menu and select "Click here to apply." Then, fill out and submit the online application. Once you receive approval, go to the QuickBooks Merchant Service Web site and create your account user ID and password. You will need this user ID and password when configuring your QuickBooks Merchant Service payment gateway on the "Payment" page in Quick Shopping Cart.
To submit your SSL Certificate request, go to the "Manage Secure Certificates" page in the Account Manager and click "Set up Certificate" or "Set up Wildcard Certificate." Select the type of SSL Certificate you would like to set up and the number of years you would like the SSL Certificate to be valid. Note: Only the options for which you have available credits will display. Next, indicate whether the domain you are requesting the certificate for is hosted with or with a third-party hosting provider. Note that if your domain is hosted with, we will generate and submit your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to the Certificate Authority and install the signed certificate on your site once issued. If you are hosting elsewhere, you must perform those tasks yourself. Note: If you previously applied a Dedicated Hosting IP credit to the selected hosting account, a notice displays stating that the SSL Certificate includes a Dedicated Hosting IP so your current Dedicated Hosting IP credit will cancel and you will no longer be billed for that credit. This will not change the IP address of your hosting account. Finally, click "Set up Secure Certificate" to go to the certificate management page of the Certificate Authority's Web site to submit your request.
To begin using News-Blazer, go to the News-Blazer management page and log in to your account if prompted. Click "Set up New Account" to launch the News-Blazer setup page, which allows you to define your News-Blazer keyword(s). Once your account is set up, News-Blazer will scan the Internet for content that matches your News-Blazer keyword(s).
To set up additional News-Blazer keywords, you must log in to your account and activate them.
To begin using Traffic Blazer, go to the "Manage Traffic Blazer" page and click "Setup New Account" to go to the Traffic Blazer Web site where you can optimize your site and submit your URL to search engines. Traffic Blazer is easy to use and will guide you through optimizing your site, offering submission tips and site analysis feedback.
To submit your copyright application with c-Site, go to the "Manage c-Site" page and click the "Start New Application" link. You must enter some basic information regarding your work and submit a properly formatted copy (HTML, PDF, ASCII, or MP3 format) of your work to us for review. We will review your application for errors and omissions, and then send a printable version of your application to you, along with easy to follow instructions for filing your application.
To set up and begin using Express Email Marketing, on the "Manage Express Email Marketing" page, click "Setup New Account". In the pane on the right, select the radio button next to the plan size that you would like to set up, select the billing date for the credit you wish to use, and then click "Activate Account."
To submit your Merchant Account application, go to the "Manage Merchant Accounts" page and follow the link to the Merchant Account provider next to the account you would like to set up. You must fill out and submit the online application. Once your application is approved, the accepting Merchant Account partner will provide you with the information and assistance necessary to integrate your existing cart into the commerce gateway.
To set up your Online File Folder, click "Set Up Account" under the Online File Folder Edition that you wish to set up. Next, enter a user name and password, confirm your password, and then click "Continue." You may choose to associate your Online File Folder with an existing email account if you have any currently set up in your customer account. Choose the email account to use from the drop-down list or select "Do Not Associate" and then click "Continue."



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Looking for a powerful, customized and easy-to-use, e-commerce solution that distinguishes you from the competition?

powerful Custom E-Commerce Shopping Cart solutions with oscommerce
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A business of any size can benefit from an online shopping cart. However, for your business to be successful it must attract new customers, deliver a satisfying shopping experience, and provide you with the tools to manage it effectively.

bullet We know that understanding your business is the key to utilizing our expertise -- we take the time to learn about your business and customize our solutions to fit your needs.
bullet We know that an e-commerce shopping cart is more than just selling products online -- we provide you with all the necessary tools and features to distinguish your store from the competition.
bullet We know that staying ahead of the competition requires agile responses to constantly changing conditions -- we give you the tools to make intelligent decisions based on real sales trends and reasonable projections.

Our focus is to provide you with an easy to use and feature-rich solution that allows you to personalize your product offerings, improve your marketing effectiveness, and offer the value-added services that lead to more satisfied and loyal customers.
Custom E-Commerce Shopping Cart
bullet Development of a unique and effective graphical theme and site layout specifically for you to showcase your company and offerings.
bullet Enhanced user experience- supplying a compelling and satisfying shopping experience for your customers.
bullet Robust administrative section with a centralized “dashboard” that allows complete, knowledge empowered management with immediate access to real-time data and reports.

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